Foxcatcher (2014, dir. Bennett Miller)

  1. In biopic terms, the story and structure is understated and not unnecessarily contrived. Except that one scene.
  2. Casting Steve Carell seems risky, especially considering when this film came out. But it turns out that he was perfect for this role. Funny, a stressful person to engage with, but never a character worth laughing at.
  3. Casting everyone else turned out weirdly well. Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo play incredible brother-foils. Although, maybe the actors playing du Pont’s associates (Brett Rice, Guy Boyd) could have done less acting.
  4. Foxcatcher values wide, open spaces, and still, long shots—just like in real life. I like it when movies feel composed. I like it when biopics are not visual-aural cornfests.
  5. This was a pretty good biopic, even on second watch.