I was in Providence, Rhode Island, for RubyConf Mini and had the opportunity to eat and drink at some amazing places. If you’re going to visit Providence, I can give you the following recommendations:

  • Oberlin: Well-executed (!!) restaurant and bar. Try the raw bar. Try the pasta. Try the toast. Walk in early, or make a reservation.
  • Fortnight: Workers’s cooperative wine bar. Unpretentious. Cared for. Excellent wine and amaros menu (especially for someone coming from the west coast of Canada).
  • Haven Brothers: A long-time institution. Go inside to see how to fit a full kitchen inside a horse trailer, stay for a stupid hot dog.
  • Marcelino’s: An unusual hotel bar. Great mediterranean-inspired cocktail menu.
  • eddy: Thoughtful collection of wine, spirits, cocktails, and charcuterie. Definitely worth going here more than once.
  • AS220: A non-profit arts centre with a bar and live events, with lots of history. It’s got a Wikipedia page.
  • Pickerel: A tiny ramen bar. Interesting appetizers, drinks, and desserts. It seems like the people working there enjoy working there. While you’re in the neighbourhood: explore Luongo Square. If you’re waiting for a seat at the bar, go across the square to The Avery while you wait.